Elected by the Board of Directors in accordance with the organizational By-Laws, the new BBA officers are
planning to lead the organization into 2012.

Incoming President Jim Miller has served on the BBA Board for over two years and is the Executive Director of the
Millionair Club.  Jim contributed his many years of leadership and management experience toward chairing the BBA
Strategic Planning Committee over the past year, and this effort is beginning to bear fruit.   Jim will continue to
pursue strategic opportunities throughout the coming year.

Vice President David Meinert is the proprietor of the 5-Point Café and part owner of the Crocodile in Belltown
and establishments in other parts of the City.   Conversant with social media, David chaired the Marketing Committee last
year and organized Belltown advertising in WHERE Magazine and in The Stranger.  He also breathed new life into
the BBA website and set up the BBA Facebook page and Twitter account.  David is well-connected in City Hall, and
this facilitated critical communications with the Mayor’s office and City Councilmembers.

Greg Schuler has served as BBA Secretary and on the Board for eight years.   He is the Special Assistant to the Vice President of Finance & Administration at Antioch University Seattle. Greg edits the BBA newsletter, chairs the Board Development Committee,
recently chaired the Belltown Business Climate Forum, and formerly chaired the Board’s Transportation Committee.


Pamela Anderson, BBA Treasurer, is the Vice President/Branch Manager of the Belltown Banner Bank.  Pam has served on the BBA Board for over seven years, two of which included service as President of the BBA.   Pam presided over the BBA during critical
times for the Belltown community as major transportation projects were being considered and was responsible for an increase in board membership and financial reserves.  Her tenure resulted in improved communications with City Hall and with other Belltown neighborhood groups and City organizations.

Outgoing BBA President Tim Gaydos can celebrate many significant accomplishments during his one-year presidency
including a much higher level of visibility and recognition for the BBA in its communications with City Hall.  One of
the hallmarks of Tim’s administration was his regular scheduling of City Councilmembers and City and County officials at the BBA Board meetings to engage one-on-one with Belltown business people on matters of concern, most notably public safety.  Under his
leadership, the BBA hosted three large public events including a “Take Back Belltown”, “The Best of Belltown,” and the recent Belltown Business Climate Forum.  On public safety issues, Tim and the BBA successfully fought the restoration of a liquor license for the problem V-Bar and fought to reinstate budget funding for the West Precinct prosecutor’s liaison.  Tim “activated” BBA
committees.  The Strategic Planning Committee developed a set of recommendations that will increase the visibility
and effectiveness of the organization in the coming years.  The Marketing Committee brought needed attention to the BBA presence on social media and organized advertisements for Belltown businesses in local media.  The Board Development Committee continued to bring excellent representatives onto the board and at one point had all empty board seats filled.   Tim is
the pastor of the Belltown Mars Hill Church and often brought volunteers from the church membership to lend their expertise to organizational improvement efforts within the BBA.  The Belltown community was very fortunate that Tim volunteered his leadership to this significant community organization.

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