BBA Board Encourages Belltown Property Owners to Sign Petition

At its November meeting, the BBA Board of Directors voted overwhelmingly to support the Metropolitan Improvement District’s proposed Business Plan, including expanding the MID Boundaries to include Belltown. The BBA encourages Belltown property owners to sign the petitions of support that are being circulated to potential ratepayers in the expanded MID service area.

Key features of the Belltown program implementation include:

  • Hiring of 22 additional “ambassadors” for the additional sidewalk and curb cleaning in Belltown;
  • Adjustment of cleaning hours to respond to bar activity impacts;
  • Doubling police resources to focus on neighborhood hot spots including early morning drug markets and late-night bar times; policing will be provided by off-duty SPD officers.
  • Redesigned Safety Ambassador program to focus on outreach and civility issues;
  • Stationing a hospitality ambassador in the soon to be constructed Bell Street Park;
  • Scheduling of summer concerts in Belltown;
  • Seed money for Belltown community events;
  • Access to MID data bases for Belltown businesses and property owners;
  • Assistance with recruiting replacements for vacant store fronts;
  • Access to the MID “Commute Seattle” parking and transportation services;
  • Available MID Board seats for Belltown representatives;
  • Establishment of a Belltown subcommittee of the MID Board to supervise and evaluate the first year of operation


“The Metropolitan Improvement District has really bent over backwards to address the concerns and expressed wishes of Belltown constituencies,” said BBA President Jim Miller. “This is an excellent package for Belltown and the petition deserves serious consideration and approval in light of the benefits that will be provided to the Belltown community.”

All property owners should have received their petition with the accompanying Business Plan including details on the Belltown program implementation. A self-addressed envelope is provided for mailing signed petitions.  They should be returned by January 15, 2013, to MID, c/o DSA, 600 Stewart Street, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98101.

With funding from the City, the BBA is making the MID’s technical consultant available to all Belltown ratepayers in order to describe the MID proposal, the adoption process, and to answer questions. Brian Scott is principal of BDS – Planning & Urban Design, and has many years of experience with Business Improvement Areas like the MID throughout the Pacific Northwest and across the country. To set up a meeting with Brian, contact Emily Bailor at 206-623-0340 or

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