About Us

Who We Are

The BBA Board of Directors consists entirely of volunteer business owners, executives, and managers who actively work for the improvement of the business climate in Belltown. If you are interested in the promotion and improvement of our business community, please contact our current BBA President, Jim Miller, at jamesm@millionairclub.org.

The Belltown Business Association is a registered 501(c)6 non-profit corporation.

Our Purpose & Mission

The purpose of Seattle’s Belltown Business Association (BBA) is to create a vibrant and safe Belltown community for businesses and residents, to promote Belltown and it’s businesses and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and communications among member businesses and local government.

The BBA is committed to fostering a positive community in which to work, live and play. To accomplish this, we require the continued support of the Belltown business community as well as other associations and property management entities that have a stake in our neighborhood.