Burglary prevention steps for offices, factories, and stores

Securing Your Building and Property from Burglary

  • Make sure all exterior doors have adequate locks and install secondary locks such as deadbolts where you can. Consider crossbars on side and alley doors and windows if they are accessible. Deadbolts to outside doors, double cylinder deadbolts on doors with glass panels.
  • Check all doors and windows routinely at closing.
  • Check door and window frames for looseness or rot. Repair them.
  • Install an annunciator on entrances so you know when customers enter.
  • Leave an interior light on all night.
  • Check the exterior of your buildings for possible roof access. Secure all ladders and garbage dumpsters. Secure all roof access – skylights, air ducts, hatches. Don’t forget doorway transoms, sidewalk and basement openings.
  • Be sure you have exterior lighting around all entrances and doors, and that you have a maintenance program to replace bulbs. Use vandal-proof fixtures.
  • Consider an alarm system and leave a 24-hour phone number posted on the exterior of your building.
  • Make sure parking lots are well lighted.
  • Move valuable merchandise or equipment away from doors and windows to prevent smash and grab thefts.
  • Leave a light on above your safe in view of the street. Anchor your safe to the floor.
  • Keep an accurate inventory of all valuables and their location.
  • Practice good key security. Sign out all keys and collect them when employees leave your company. To be safe, change locks and combinations.
  • Don’t tag your keys with the name of your business, or label them for what they are used for. Develop a code or numbering system. Change locks if keys are lost or not returned by a former employee.
  • If doors swing out, use non-removable headpins and install panel doors lined with metal to resist drilling.
  • Install a safe or strong security cabinet to store valuable documents and keys used in your business.
  • Don’t lock a burglar inside when you leave. Inspect closets, bathrooms and other hiding places.
  • Never resist an armed robber. Write down a physical description as soon as it is safe to do so, and call 911.

Tips for Retailers

  • Leave cash registers empty and open after hours to deter burglars.
  • Don’t unlock your door until you are fully ready to do business.
  • Keep cash on hand to a minimum. Make frequent, irregular bank deposits.
  • Don’t count receipts until you lock up.