Crime Reduction Survey

Answer the following questions and take the appropriate steps to keep your company, employees and property safe.

Employee Training

  • Do you train employees in crime reduction procedures?
  • Do all your employees know how your security equipment functions?

Safe Procedures

  • Do you have an above ground safe?
  • Is your safe bolted to the floor?
  • Is your safe near the register and visible to customers?


  • Are windows blocked by signs, displays or other materials?
  • Is the cashier clearly visible from outside the business?
  • Would the robber also be visible from outside?
  • Are proper trespassing/loitering/parking signed posted?

Cash Handling Procedures

  • Are there drawer limits for cashiers?
  • Is a drop safe available?
  • Is you change fund secured?
  • Do you hide money?
  • Do you perform random till checks or cash audits?

Bank Deposits

  • Do you use an armored car service?
  • Do you have a secure counting room?
  • Does your counting room have adequate locks, a phone and a door peephole?
  • Do you vary the times of your trips to the bank?
  • Do you vary your route to the bank?
  • Do you disguise your bank deposit bag?


  • Do all exterior lights work properly?
  • Do all interior lights work properly?
  • Are lights turned off or on at appropriate times?
  • Is there adequate lighting inside your business?
  • Is there adequate lighting outside your business including the side and rear areas?

Security Equipment

  • Does your store use video surveillance equipment?
  • Does your equipment have a date/time generator?
  • Is there a video monitor placed where a potential robber can see it?
  • Are your VCR and video tapes secured?
  • Have you checked the position of your cameras?
  • Do you regularly clean your camera lenses and VCR head?
  • Is the resolution on your video system good?
  • Do you have a panic alarm?
  • Do you have a robbery alarm?
  • Can all exterior doors be easily locked?


  • Is the telephone readily accessible to the cashier?
  • Do you report all crimes to police?
  • Do you encourage police to visit your store?
  • How many times have you been robbed in the last 12 months?