If You Are Being Robbed

Cooperate with the Robber

  • Do exactly as you are told. If you don’t understand what you are being told to do, ask.
  • Give the robber(s) what they want. Don’t argue.
  • Don’t move too quickly or reach for anything. Tell the robber(s) what you are doing.

Keep it Short and Smooth

  • The longer the robbery takes the more nervous the robber is.
  • The average robbery takes less than 2 minutes.

Don’t Resist

  • Don’t fight.
  • Don’t use weapons.
  • Don’t chase the robber(s).

Be Observant

  • Observe the person(s) involved for the purpose of describing clothing and physical features.
  • Observe the person or persons’ means of escape, direction of travel and description of vehicle.

Call Police (9-1-1) – After the Robbery is Over

  • Stay on the phone until police tell you to hang up.
  • Record the suspect(s) description on an “I.D.” form or piece of paper.

Protect the Crime Scene

Don’t touch anything. There may be suspect(s) fingerprints or other physical evidence crucial to the investigation.