Internal Theft

Preventing internal theft

Preventive Measures

Internal theft is an important part of your business crime prevention program. Below are steps to take seriously to lower your company’s risk for internal theft.

  • Before hiring, thoroughly investigate the background of prospective employees. Be sure to check personal and credit references.
  • Diplomatically inform new employees of your company’s internal theft policy, what constitutes “internal theft” and provide this information in writing in your new employee handbook.
  • Ensure that employees who are hired to handle accounting and funds are adequately bonded.
  • If possible, never give one employee sole responsibility for the company’s accounting.
  • Number and log all keys before issuing them to new employees.
  • Conduct “exit interviews” with employees who are leaving. Significant information may be revealed at this time regarding internal theft.
  • Most importantly, as an employer, provide a consistent example of honesty, fairness and accountability.