Robbery prevention and response – Reducing the opportunity for a robbery

Preventive Robbery Measures at your Business

Robbery is potentially a very dangerous crime because it involves direct contact between a perpetrator and a victim or victims whose life or lives are often threatened. Reducing the opportunity for a robbery is as important as what you do in case of a robbery. Review these two important sections on these topics, and then complete the survey to help increase safety in your workplace.

Keep a Clear View from Outside

Make sure you and your cash register are clearly visible from outside. Create a “fishbowl” look. Limit use of window signs and floor displays. If you can see out easily, passer-bys and police can see in.

Keep Cash Register Money to a Minimum

  • Place large bills in a drop safe or other secure device as soon as you get them.
  • Ask customers if they have exact change or smaller bills. This will help you minimize the money in your register.
  • Record the serial number of several bills (“bait money”) that are given out only in the event of a robbery.

Turn all Lighting on at Night

  • Be certain you have adequate inside and outside lighting. Eliminate any dark areas.
  • Utilize photo sensors to insure lights come on at night.
  • Replace burnt out bulbs promptly.

Keep your Business Looking Neat and Clean

  • A neat and clean environment is great for business but uncomfortable for most robbers.
  • When not making a sale, stay away from the register. Most robbers do not like to spend the extra time it takes to bring you back to the sales counter.

Keep Alert

  • Know what is happening outside as well as inside your business.
  • Watch for loiterers and ask them to leave.
  • Greet everyone who enters your business.
  • Don’t be afraid to call police (911) when you see suspicious persons or activity.